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About BeFab Be Creative

We launched BeFab in the spring of 2013 when Solii after being made redundant and Zoe just having had her daughter, Solii discovered how difficult as a small designer/maker is was to get her own fabric designs printed.

Our aim was and still is, is to make Digital Fabric Printing simpler and more accessible to individuals wanting to use the technology, and in a way that is more sustainable for SME's (small, Medium Enterprises) to use. Allowing them to sample and order in small quantities as and when they and their market require. Rather than forcing them down the route of ordering large quantities and tying up cash and therefore cash flow in stock. Our aim hasn't changed much since then, we simply want to help enable these types of businesses to be more reactive and agile to the market, giving them better ability to be competitive, to push and take risks with their designs with minimal risk financially, while knowing that they are working with a printer who are always working in their best interest.