BeFab Be Creative - Starting the New Year Right!

BeFab Be Creative - Starting the New Year Right!

Posted by Solii on 14th Jan 2019

I'll let you into a secret, running a digital fabric printing business is pretty hard! Actually running any business is, don't get us wrong we love what we do and by far the bit we love the most is working with our amazing clients and your beautiful designs, but that is only really a small part of running a micro business and it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the social media, marketing, SEO (oh the dark art of trying to keep those creepy google bots stopping by your website is the worst!!) and admin. 

Last year was full of distractions and improvements, looking back we did an LOT, we launched a new website and with it our Sewn Up range. We ran a competition to sponsor a small business and oh yeah! We moved studio, which we are yet to show you around, we will I promise. So 2018 was pretty full on! 

This year, we have big plans too! We're really looking forward to settling in and still have some work to do in the new Studio but we're planing on having desk space to rent in the next few months, so keep your eyes pealed for announcements on that if you're interested! 

We're taking applications right now to sponsor a student and the bit we want to work on the most is taking time to plan, improve our marketing, SEO (any advise on that gratefully received!) and introducing you to some more of our amazing clients by way of a monthly 'Meet the Maker' blog post and Instagram take over. Along with some other great 'how to' blog posts and we'll also be asking you some important questions on what you want to see more from us this year and what's important to your that we keep doing.

Why are we sharing all this with you? Because our New Years resolution is to blog more and we've been told you want to hear more about us, so we're listening and now we've moved, we have time to do those things more. Also we came across this below from Holly Tucker via Life Stories which really resonated with us and so we thought we'd share it as well as our own plans, because it's hard being a small business. Particularly right now in the current political climate but it's made all the more easy when you know other people are there with you and have your back. 

We have your back! May your 2019 be everything you need it to be and more!  x