BeFab Sponsorship Application 2018 Winners

BeFab Sponsorship Application 2018 Winners

Posted by Solii on 18th Sep 2018

We had so many amazing applications for our sponsorship application and that coupled with our studio move it' s taken us a little more time than planned to get all the details out of those we want to  announce the winners, and yes we have a few more things than just the £300 sponsorship! 

As has already been announced the main winner of our £300 sponsorship is Sarah and Ruth of Folded Forest who's work is beautiful, their sample tested variations on vibrancy in their colour palette, making us confident that we can represent their designs to the high standard we wish to work and their application was honest and lovely. We can’t wait to work with these two ladies, who will be using their sponsorship of help produce larger work for an exhibition that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to produce within the limitations of their current screen printing abilities.


However, they're not the only winners, because of the high standard of applications and designs we are delighted to (eventually) announce just a few additional awards. 

We'd like to award 20% discount for the next 2 months to these four lovely designers.

Coral Fowley - For her beautiful embroider work onto digital prints. We're really keen to see where Coral takes her work.

Favourite Instagram Coral Fowley 


Jennifer Colquhoun - 20% discount for 2 months - A Scientific Illustrator for hire, with a more bonkers project up her sleeve which we really want to see her take from idea to silk, lets do this Jenni! ;) 

Favourite image also happens to include another amazing independent brand you should total check out Lucky Cloud Skincare


Georgina Price - 20% discount for 2 months - Abstract painterly designs and bold colour pallet caught our eye and we'd love to work more with her homewear designs

Favourite image from Georgina's instagram     

Kyla McCallum Who is looking to take here work in a new direction, all a little top secret but we'd love to see how this develops

Favourite image from Kyla's Instagram

We would also love to award another 2 applicants 50% off one of one of our new Sewn Up Sample Collections

Kristen Lockley of Fossdesign we love Kirsten's graphical style and we think they would look amazing made into products. 

Favourite image from Kristen's Instagram


Emer Tumilty's style is great fun and like our winners Folded Forest Emer's work is limited by the the size of they're screen printing ability but with an interest in making more products and we'd live to help them achieve this.

Favourite image from Emer's Instagram

Congratulations for the talented designers above and thank you to all those who applied, you are all an inspiration and did not make this process easy. We wish you all, all the luck in your creative endeavours and look forward to working with all of you in the future.   

Solii & Zoe

The BeFab Sisters xx