BeFab's Favourite Christmas Gift Print

BeFab's Favourite Christmas Gift Print

Posted by Solii on 11th Jan 2019

When it comes to printing your fabric the thing we love the most, hands down, is getting to play some small part in the people we work with lives, some of which we are now luck enough to call friends! Why you set up your business, hearing the stories behind your fabric prints and what they are being used for, and helping you make that all happen, in just a little way is why we do what we do. 

Oh and we love baby cuddles, so combine these two things we are happy as pigs in muck! Look at that wee face!! Oh!! and the play matt too obviously! 

We post lots of the fabric we're printing for you in Instagram stories and where possible we try to tag you in these too so this is often where we have great little conversations about what you're up to with your fabric prints.

Em May is one of our very favourite story tellers, it seams every one of her intricate water colour illustration has the loveliest story behind it and this one is no exception. In fact I'd go as far as to say it should probably put her in the nominations for Best Auntie of the Year Award! 

So Em's just recently became an Auntie and as her gift to her new Nephew she made him this play matt, but not just that, the beautiful illustrations on his play matt are the streets of his home town AND under one of those rainbows is his house!! Seriously too cute! She's not silly Em either, because she's also really looking forward to when he's old enough to play and drive wee cars around the streets of his play home town matt. So incredibly thoughtful!!      

Check out the details!!


So please keep sharing what your up to, it really is our Favorite bit! x