Posted by Solii on 14th Oct 2018

What is Boobzapalooza? 

Boobzapalooza is a month-long celebration of breasts. Myself, Kathleen Moodie (aka KMoods) and Beth Lamont are selling a micro-range of products that were created specifically for breast cancer awareness month (October). Our items are for sale online, and at a one-off pop-up on the evening of the 19th October. 40% from the sale of each item goes directly to Breast Cancer Now - the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity.

What made you decide to get involved with breast cancer awareness month? 

Boobzapalooza is Kathleen’s brainchild. When she said she wanted to do something for breast cancer awareness in October I didn’t even ask her if she wanted me to be part of it, I just decided she obviously would. A few years ago I lost my auntie to breast cancer, and when I found a lump in December last year I assumed the worst. Turns out my lump is a fibroadenoma (sometimes known, delightfully, as a breast mouse), which is a benign tumor. Before that, I didn’t really know finding a lump wasn’t a death sentence, and I felt like I’d really put my head in the sand about the idea of checking my breasts. I wanted to help spread the word about how important it is to check. Absolutely amazing research is happening into defeating breast cancer, but it’s still the UK’s most common cancer. It can be crucial to catch anything early - and we shouldn’t be afraid to check. You never know, you could have a new pet in there.

Who’s in your girl gang and/ what are the products available?

Our ringleader Kathleen Moodie, KMoods, is a textile artist. Her product is the KBoobs by KMoods Boobble Hat. It’s Kathleen’s signature polka dot beanie, designed in a range of boob-appropriate colours, and they come complete with a pom-nipple. We got Beth Lamont involved, she was well keen to make a Boob Arc. Her necklaces are pretty well known around Edinburgh now, so we were over the moon when she wanted to join in. Beth’s Boob Arc is a wonderfully pink version of her classic white and grey arc, and comes with a couple of pink options for the rope. I pulled on my scientific training, and have made a limited edition Boob risoprint. The illustrations are of mammary anatomy (the inside of your boob) and surface anatomy (that one’s just a full on boob). People keep telling me how pretty the anatomy is, and it does look a bit floral. But it’s totally accurate - it’s lovely in there.

How can we get our hands on your eh... boobs?

So, the number of people who have told me they like my boobs has gone up exponentially in the last couple of weeks. I’m delighted! All our products are available online throughout October. You can get them on all of our websites (mine, Kathleen's or Beth's), or, if you can make it to Edinburgh you can come along to our Pop Out Pop Up at Custom Lane on Friday 19th October. The 19th is Wear It Pink, so please do feel free to wear pink - we’ll have a donation box at the pop up too if you don’t fancy one of our products. We have an Eventbrite page with more information - we’ve got some lovely sponsors including Stirling Gin, and I heard a rumour there might be doughnuts from 12 Triangles for early arrivers…

So come along, or shop online, and help us help breast cancer research! And remember to touch yourself. You can use one of my prints to get an idea of what should be in there. ;)