Fabric Printed Wall Hanging

Fabric Printed Wall Hanging

Posted by Solii on 10th Sep 2018

When Jeni called asking how to digital print on to fabric to make a wall hanging, recreating an artwork that her dad had originally created directly onto a wall in their old home, we knew we had to help. 

The art work was the thing that their mum missed most of all about living there we were told, and Jeni and her sister wanted to find a way to recreate this in their mums new home and take a piece of their dad with her.

The only issue was they really wanted to give their mum there artwork whilst they were staying which only left us a week to produce it, which wasn't enough time for our usual sewing friends to help, we don’t ordinarily get the sewing machine out for clients but there was something too lovely about this project not to make it possible in the time they needed it for so we dusted of the Janome  

We had such lovely conversations with Jeni and her sister who came to collect after we had hung their wall hanging over night to stretch it. We . What a lovely review they left!

Thank you Jeni and family for being one of those many customers we have the pleasure of working with, that make all the hard work very much worth while. x