Sample your Digital Fabric Print Designs with BeFab

Sample your Digital Fabric Print Designs with BeFab

Posted by Solii on 3rd May 2019

As digital fabric printers, we talk a lot about the importance of sampling your fabric designs. It's essential to us in making sure you get the custom fabric prints that you're looking for and that you’re the happiest you can be with your first print from BeFab.

Because of this, we’ve tried to make it simple and easy to sample with BeFab and all for under a tenner too! We also want you to get the best out of your fabric sample print, so we’ve detailed below how to do this by adding multiple designs and colour vibrancy variations, something we think is particularly important, because often what you see on a backlit computer screen needs a little boost to look the same on fabric.

Our sample prints are ½ the width of the fabric which we then print twice, side by side. We send you one ½ and keep the other for our records, so when we print your production lengths, we have a reference, and we can also chat over your prints while effectively looking at the same piece of fabric too, so hopefully taking the stress out of printing. We’re confident that by sampling with us as we recomend below you will always be happier with your final print, and happy is our main aim! 

The basics:

Size: As we mentioned above our Fabric Sample Prints are 20cm high by ½ the width of the fabric you are choosing (or to be safe 65cm as this will work with all fabric widths)

File standards: Jpg/tiff, RGB colour profile and between 150-300 DPI (if it’s less than 150 DPI your file may be resized automatically and also be poor quality.)

Cost: Fabric Sample Prints are priced based on 20cm of fabric cost, so all under £10

Cotton = £7

Linen = £8.20

Silk between =£8.20 - £9.20

How to get the best colours first time?

We recommend you split your sample into sections say 4 or 5 designs in the width and then four vibrancy options in the hight, like this.

Vibrancy isn't something that is used very much, but is the best tool to use if you want to keep the ‘same’ colour but adds a little more depth, as by altering vibrancy we are effectively lying down more ink when we print. Check out below to find this in Photoshop.

Then shown here, you can adjust the vibrancy, if you want to go higher than +100 (which we recommend) you will need to repeat this step more than once as +100 is the maximum unit you can alter each time. 

Why do we suggest you add Vibrancy alterations?  

We think by altering the vibrancy, instead of the saturation or anything else in your file you get a more accurate representation of the colour that you are working with, as vibrancy effectively adds more depth, and lays down more of the same colour onto the fabric, where other alterations may change the colours. You can see below if I show you where the Photoshop picker is you can see that when you add vibrancy all it does is take the little circle further to the right-hand side of the colour picker window.

Above shows the original vibrancy, below we have added +200 vibrancy and you can see that the circle showing you were the colour is coming from has moved much further to the right.

The only time we don't recommend vibrancy as the best alteration for you is if you have already reached 100% vibrancy, where the colour is as far right as it can go see below.

Like with the blue in this design, whilst you can see the pink and orange colours are getting more vibrant, because the blue is already as far right on the colour picker pop up this means adding vibrancy wont change this colour, so if you wanted to make this brighter then you would have to then play with contrast and levels, if that's the case, feel free to give us a call to chat over this, and we'll work on a blog to help in this case but most of the time 'Image', 'Adjust', 'Vibrancy' is your friend.

If you are working with Photoshop Elements, this program unfortunately doesn't have vibrancy as an option so drop us a line and we're happy to help you do the vibrancy options if you provide us with a sample size file.  

Hope this was of some help and we look forward to seeing your sample prints soon! If you have any questions we're always happy to chat over the phone about your exact designs, you can find our number below.