Custom Sample Print - 20cm High by 1/2 Fabric Width (65cm)

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Turnaround Time 10 Working Days - Be Patient Large Files Can Take Time to Load
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file types are jpg, tif

Digital Fabric Sample Printing 

Your Digital Fabric Printing sample is 20cm in length and 1/2 the width of the fabric you choose to print on (or 65cm wide if you're setting up your file to fit all fabrics), you receive one half and we keep the other for reference, why do we do this? So when you come to do a production run, we both have a copy of the sample print as a reference .  Check our blog post to see more on how to get the best out of our Digital Printing on fabric and this sample service.


The technical stuff 

Files should be - RGB - between 150-300 DPI - JPGs or TIFFs 

Please be aware BeFab Be Creative does not make any changes to files or checks to see if repeat patterns are seamless. For further information on this please check our T&C's