BeFab Be Creative - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is digital fabric printing?

Digital printing on fabric, in simple terms, is much like your desktop inkjet printer. Though instead of paper, a roll of material is feed through our much larger fabric printer. Our Silk, cotton and linen fabrics all start white, or natural in the case of our natural British linen. These then come out the other end with your fabric designs, as with your desktop printer, you can print any image you want, and with any background colour.

In the case of reactive digital fabric printing, which we use at BeFab, this fabric is then steam set, washed, dried, ironed and packaged up carefully, to be sent out to you.  

How do I print my designs on fabric?

To print your designs onto fabric all you need to do is upload your designs as a Jpeg or tiff, in RGB colour profile, at between 150-300 DPI here, select the material you like and the length you need and we at BeFab will do the rest.  

Do you offer Discounts

BeFab Be Creative offers bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount

  • Buy £200 - £599 and get 10% off
  • Buy £600 - £999 and get 15% off
  • Buy £1000 or above and get 20% off

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss discounts further

Can I sample my fabric design before I place my main order?

Yes. We offer a fabric sample print service, which is 20cm high by 65cm wide and costs between £7 and £9.20 depending on the fabric you choose, and you can fit a lot of info into this print. We print this twice, side by side, one side we send you and the other we keep so we can discuss with you or check your final fabric print is correct. You can order these sample prints here and find out more about them in our guide to sample printing here. 

How do I look after my digitally printed fabric?

As part of the finish process fabrics are washed, with minimal detergent, and at a low temperature We recommend that all fabrics are dry cleaned, however, if you decide to do this it would be at your own risk. 

How quickly can I get my fabric printed digitally?

We have a ten-working day lead time. However, we tend to print each fabric once a week, so generally, if you have your fabric order in early in the week, we will aim to have this out to you the same week, but please always allow ten working days where ever possible. 

How do I create a repeat pattern?

We have created two guides to how to create a repeat pattern for fabric printing, one for Adobe Photoshop and the other for Adobe Illustrator 

What’s the minimum fabric order length?

Our minimum order length for digital fabric printing is just 50cm and then goes up in 10 cm increments after this. We also have a maximum single piece length, which varies depending on the fabric you wish to print on, all of these you can find here. If however you wish to order a longer single length than these please contact us to discuss this further.

Can I get a sample book with all your fabrics?

Yes. You can order a full sample book and see all of our fabrics here.